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EPON weak intelligent application of multi-system access

Abstract: EPON is not exclusive to achieve a multi-access system weak intelligence applied in carrying EPON network combines broad coverage distance, saving fiber, high bandwidth, but also has a high reliability, interference, easy maintenance advantage。
Keywords: monitoring application, with video intercom, card, parking systems, EPON, multi-system access, weak intelligent multi-system access, EPON solutions, industrial OLT。

Depending built south of the Olympic Garden Tianwei EPON network project, for example, the park weak system configurations include: security digital video surveillance systems, video intercom system, alarm system, parking system。
In order to meet the needs of future residential development, combined with the development trend of intelligent building information technology, digital construction, we have designed a community network system is used all-optical IP network structure of GEPON technology based on passive optical distribution system network to achieve weak. Advanced design for the weak system of digital infrastructure to provide the most powerful guarantee。
weak intelligence system is the traditional weak technology and modern digital processing technology, communication technology, computer network technology combined with a high degree of intelligence, processing speed, storage capacity, fast and accurate data query features。
Core weak intelligence system is building to building information networks and electronic monitoring network-centric community network system, through efficient, convenient and secure network system to achieve a high degree of integration and sharing of weak information to achieve safe environmental monitoring and intelligent monitoring。
All systems are based on weak central control platform management. This is a trend weak system development, but also the most appropriate management of Community weak systems. First, the central management console for all system information is collected, aggregated. Grasp the situation, by the control center personnel to carry out emergency treatment, a reasonable allocation of resources, improve the efficiency of weak systems to effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents。
EPON-based system built weak IP digital network system through passive optical network interconnection, network data provide support for the park each platform subsystems weak weak information between cells of each group room, security center room and each building floor Weak。


2.EPON passive optical network system
1.EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) is a new fiber optic network technology, is the latest in a PON technology, by IEEE802.3 EFM (Ethernet for the First Mile) proposed. EPON uses a multipoint network architecture, passive optical transmission, the center-to-end device maximum distance of 30 kilometers, the access system total transmission capacity of the uplink and downlink symmetrical 1.25Gbp. , Shared by the terminal equipment, the bandwidth of each terminal device can be used to divide 64kbps step. Is characterized by high transmission rate, can achieve a high rate of network applications (audio, video, high-speed data transmission, etc.)。
2.Only fiber (Fiber) convergence layer between the central office (OLT) (Optical Line Terminal) and Terminal Equipment (ONU) (Optical Network Unit), optical splitter (ODN) (Optical Distribution Network) and other passive devices, no need to bring the power of the relay device without power with its maintenance personnel. Therefore, can greatly reduce the operating and maintenance costs. As a result of a single fiber WDM technology, upstream wavelength 1310nm, downstream wavelength 1490nm, just as long as a single trunk fiber and a OLT, ONU side of the terminal device via a passive optical splitter, you can distribute information to up to 32 terminal device (ONU), thus effectively reducing the construction cost of OLT and trunk fiber。


A typical system consists of EPON OLT, ODN, ONU composition:

OLT (Optical Line Terminal) is placed in the center of the room, it may be either a switch or a router. In the upstream direction, OLT will provide GE (GigabitEthernet); in the downstream direction, it provides for passive optical network optical interface. After coming 10Gbit / s Ethernet technology is mature, OLT will also support similar high-speed interface. OLT also supports ATM, FR, and OC3 / 12/48/192 and other rate SDH / SONET interface standards. In EPON system unified network management, as the main control center by OLT to implement network management functions. In the OLT, by defining parameters to control network bandwidth data communication service quality to achieve network security control and management through the development of access control lists to obtain system status information by reading the information base, set up by the system can also provide a valid port isolation。
(ODN)(Optical Distribution Network) a passive optical distribution network is a passive connection OLT and ONU equipment. Its main role is to collect and distribute data uplink downlink data. The flexibility to arrange passive splitter position, because it is a passive operation, has a good ability to adapt to the environment, but can be a multi-stage connection。
ONU(Optical Network Unit) Optical network unit is placed on the terminal side, EPON ONU in the use of Ethernet protocols in the communication process, without conversion agreement, you can achieve high-speed data forwarding, ONU achieve transparent transmission of network data。
EPON is a future-oriented technology, and flexible bandwidth allocation and service assurance is not an aspect of EPON ignored. You can connect EPON-based bandwidth allocation (as distinguished from ordinary switch port-based rate limiting) for each terminal device even needed to achieve each port。
EPON by dividing the VLAN (Virtual LAN) to connect to various weak subsystems ONU ports logically segmented, effective solution to the conflict domains, broadcast domains, bandwidth problems and avoid the waste of resources, decreased network performance and bandwidth, to achieve a broadcast storm control to ensure network security。

VLAN correspondence and planning and business:


VLAN name
Data services
Gateway Address
Subnet Mask
VLAN 101
Video Surveillance
VLAN 102
Anti-theft alarm
VLAN 103
VLAN 104
Access Card
VLAN 105
Vehicle Management
VLAN 254
Management VALN


IP address allocation principles:
IP addresses using the network to distinguish between business and the variety of services with different VLAN carries. Such as video surveillance system in a VLAN, video intercom system in another VLAN。
The same VLAN using the same network address, such as video surveillance system using 192.168.1.X network segment. In the same segment are allocated using the address segment. Eg: within 192.168.1.X segment, from to PC and terminal equipment. DVR or a video encoder to use. to the server and network storage use, etc.。
EPON technology a good solution to the current problems of weak systems network, it can make weak system network more reliable, more stable, making the weak systems implemented on a next-generation network transmission of audio, video, data and other signals。


3.EPON application of weak intelligence system
1.gital Video Surveillance System:
Digital video processing technology and DVR technology combination, EPON system data attached to the park’s all-fiber network, namely: intake system front of the camera video signal through a digital image over unshielded twisted pair into the corresponding ONU, VLAN port, and then through the single-mode fiber passive optical distribution network into the center room OLT, the computer management system for video signal switching control and picture processing, the digital video signal through the monitor to monitor, by the large capacity of the computer compression processing records to be hard。
EPON replace the original analog networking solutions in two / three switches, but also save a lot of fiber optic transceivers, and does not require video optical equipment。
Video surveillance projects high demand for upstream bandwidth, large number of terminals, widely distributed, EPON covering a wide distance, saving fiber, high bandwidth, the park is to achieve appropriate digital video surveillance technology。

Schematic diagram of the system:


Characteristic of this system is to fully exploit the advantages of digital signal technology, performed by the digital signal transmission optical fiber network, to the center of the whole signal by a digital control computer for processing and recording. So good to play the digital information processing, recording, retrieval and flexible, reliable and convenient advantages, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling costs。
In order to adapt to the specific environment of the park, the technical route of this system is a pure digital video surveillance systems, image quality and video playback image quality D1 level, image storage for centralized storage, image storage time of 30 days, focused on the weak storage device information center room for inquiry。


2.IP digital video intercom system
Importing digital technology, not only to solve the traditional color video intercom system, anti-interference ability, transmission distance is limited, the system is not compatible with other issues, and the system is highly scalable. TCP / IP design technology and broadband Internet technology-based systems, while transmission capacity and reliability assurance system, not only can achieve building visual intercom function, you can also integrate multiple system functions by way of expansion modules。
In this project, color video intercom system is also EPON transmission network through audio, video and data information. When you install, simply connect the device to the ONU IP intercom terminal corresponding VLAN port numbers can be achieved inside the park building intercom。


Schematic diagram of the system:

Each unit host IP converter access digital systems, IP converter complete analog color video intercom system video codec Alto, and its compression and decompression, while the data on the bus were repackaged using standard TCP / IP protocol, network transmission through audio, video and control protocol. Using IP converter, data sharing in broadband, to ensure long-distance transmission of data, multi-channel real-time data exchange, effectively avoid the channel is busy, and to achieve a pure digital system with seamless 。
The system uses G.711 audio codec is completed, the completion of the video using the H.264 codec to achieve inter-household-way audio and video transmission, video calls intercom, pictures messages, appointments, and other functions elevator. Through the H.264 codec optimization algorithm to improve the efficiency of the codec, effectively ensure the stable operation in the case of low-bandwidth video intercom system。


3.Anti-theft alarm system:
The system uses a network burglar alarm products, the burglar alarm equipment with excellent quality and cost performance. System consists of front-end infrared / microwave double detectors, emergency button, keyboard, alarm control panel, networking, optical networking and multimedia workstations and other devices constitute。


Schematic diagram of the system:

Through networking, which can be realized with the communication CCTV system, each alarm with nearby cameras linked via IP communication way to achieve alarm and camera linkage。
When the alarm occurs, the alarm screen by security personnel knew police intelligence, police intelligence to understand the location, if necessary, security personnel by pressing the emergency button to alarm information sent to 110 linkage alarm center。


4.rd System:
Card System include: Card System platform, access control systems, car park management system, IC card elevator control system. When using TCP / IP communication, using the communication center of the device detection software can detect and locate the control panel on all networks, you can easily modify the operating parameters of the controller (such as controller IP, mask, gateway, etc.)。
Because the system uses the full TCP / IP protocol, EPON network transmission data, avoid many of the serial signal congenital problems (such as bus signals susceptible to interference, communication rate is low, the serial limited resources, need special wiring, etc.), system password key authentication mechanism to prevent illegal terminal connected to the data network system。
Card System can be achieved through the integrated application identification personnel access control, elevator control, vehicle management, enhance the park wife, Choi, orderly and effective monitoring and management thereof, to improve the sharing of resource utilization, reduced waste of resources; to avoid the intervention of many human factors, improving the efficiency and safety of the staff of the park。
EPON-based network management system uses 3 parking into three configurations, with a long-range reader, the card can be issued a temporary, full-bit display。
Parking management system consists of a server, workstation management, management software, access control machine, remote sensing card, vehicle detectors and other equipment, including fiber-optic signal transmission section transmission networks, passive optical splitter (shared with weak systems), OLT (shared with weak systems)。


Parking Management System Schematic:


Using EPON system, with open architecture, taking fully into account in the design of portable, easy scalability, interoperability and flexibility, so that communication with the modular interface standardization, making it easy to upgrade the longitudinal and transverse easy to expand。


4、Eight advantages EPON performance in the security industry:
(1)Relatively low cost, easy maintenance, easy to expand, easy to upgrade。
1、XPON multipoint architecture saves a lot of backbone fiber resources。
2、Flexible networking makes upgrading and expansion is very convenient, small initial investment。


(2)High capacity and low cost long distance singlet。
EPON splitting 1: 32/1: 64 split ratio, ONU can MDU24 mouth, a single line can be realized 32×24 = 768 line。


(3)High reliability of data security can be applied to a high security level communications security。
XPON network password generated by the three mixing method, constantly update the password, encrypted communication。


(4)High robustness protected mode, you can achieve all-weather high service guarantee 24 hours。
EPON & nbsp; TYPEA / B / C / D & nbsp; can achieve continuous broken fiber network, continuous network port bad light, bad equipment continue to network。


(5)Complete form, for a variety of applications in the field of the whole business, and ultimately achieve full solution provider。
1、EPON & nbsp; ONU covers: SFU, HGU, MDU, MTU, MXU morphological classification
2、Covering the port: FE, GE, RF, XDSL, T1, E1, WIFI, USB, POE etc.
3、Suitable layout: telecommunications, business, families, schools, hotels, banks, public security, transportation, electricity, manufacturing, logistics and other


(6)Easy to extend the current security services to the telecommunications business, and ultimately ISP。
1、EPON access network itself is a telecommunications equipment and systems to support telecommunications service access and management。
2、Security services and telecommunications services share the EPON uplink and downlink bandwidth are the perfect match, saving resources and bandwidth。


(7)The next generation of smart home, access technology selection of Things era。
1、EPON form of wireless products, support telecommunication services are things that he can easily access the best choice for the main network。

(8)Independent distribution management, value-added services can easily develop late, and ultimately service providers。
1、EPON network management system through the OLT and the ONU OAM, TR069, SNMP management can easily control the business and management。


5.Conclusion and Outlook
EPON network connection as a new technology, it is through a single optical access system, integrated services to transmit data, audio and video, has a good economy. Because the characteristics of EPON network structure, the special advantages of broadband, as well as the combination of natural and computer networks, making the passive optical network transmission solutions become weak system information highway optimal transmission media。
In the implementation of the & ldquo; light of Copper & rdquo; large strategic context, the use of EPON technology can save a lot of copper and fiber resources, cost-effective integration of multiple subsystems hosting solution that provides strong support for the weak intelligence system and protection. In actual operation, the park’s weak system in good condition, reliable performance, and achieved the desired effect of the use。
EPON technology future development prospects, will play a wide range of long-distance transmission of information systems in the weak role。

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