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Safe City

Safe City definition of rehabilitation programs

1、Existing analog video surveillance systems

2、Hybrid video surveillance system after transformation

3、An Introduction
The program uses the South Tianwei visual development NTW-900 series SD / HD video mixing Optical, around already built analog video cameras, increase network HD cameras, using the original fiber, realize & ldquo; Safe City & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash; social security video surveillance system intensive, digital, high definition。
The program fully retain the original analog cameras, fiber, matrix and DVR and other analog video surveillance system equipment, maximize the use of existing resources on the basis of simply replacing the original analog video optical transceiver to SD / HD video mixing Optical, and laid in the vicinity of a small number of short-distance fiber optic analog camera, you can connect an analog camera around 1 to 8 additional remote access devices, each remote access devices can be connected to eight network HD cameras. SD / HD video Optical has eight optical ports and 1 to 4 BNC interface, the received optical signal and analog video signals via an optical fiber core original transmission to the monitoring sub-centers or police stations. In the center-side configuration standard / HD decoding matrix box, can be implemented on the same piece of screen, high-definition display, SD compression, uncompressed video display and other formats。
The program to maximize the use of existing equipment and fiber resources, reducing the new fiber, simplifying the construction difficulty, reducing construction costs, especially for & ldquo; encrypt existing analog monitoring points, enhance video surveillance clarity & rdquo; the occasion。

4、Program benefits:
Retain the existing analog cameras, fiber, matrix, DVR and other equipment, to maximize the use of existing equipment;
Without re-laying of fiber optic trunk line, simplifying the construction difficulty, reduce the construction cost;
Optical network connection definition cameras nearby, all-optical interconnection, a core fiber upload, easy construction;
On one fiber hybrid transmission of uncompressed analog video and network HD video, saving fiber resources;
Each screen can display an HD, SD and compressed, uncompressed video;
Analog video, online video unified mode of operation, ease of operation to master;

5、Program elements:

SD / HD video Optical Hybrid
Industrial design, SMT, modular design;
1 to 4 analog video interface;
8-channel network interface, optical optional;
1 to 4 of audio, data, or switch interface;
Data, audio, digital interface using crimp terminals for easy wiring;
EGuide supports unified network management, support power-down alarm;
4U plug-in architecture to support multiple installation mode;
Power Interface & ldquo; overvoltage, reverse pole, short & rdquo; protection, port lightning protection design;
Rustproof aluminum chassis, wall mount。

Network HD remote access device
Industrial design, wide operating temperature range and high reliability;
1,4,8 100M network provides a service interface, optical optional;
EGuide network management support system to support power-down alarm;
Provides data ports 1,2, RS232, RS485, RS422, optional alarm switch;
Power Interface & ldquo; overvoltage, reverse pole, short & rdquo; protection, port lightning protection design;
Rustproof aluminum chassis, wall mount。

SD / HD decoding matrix box
Industrial design, high reliability;
5×5Almighty matrix, can achieve 5-way high-definition digital format, SD analog video input to the 5-way HD / SD video output switch back and forth between;
Built-in high-performance decoder can decode four-way or one-way D1 1080P Network Video;
Provide four BNC inputs, enter 4 standard definition video signal;
Provides an RJ45 Ethernet port, you can enter multiple 1080P, 720P or D1 digital video signal, or 4 BT656 or a non-compressed video signal path BT1120;
Provide four BNC output port can be connected to four SD monitor;
Provides an HDMI output port can be connected to an HD monitor;
Support 4 picture synthesis can be synthesized into a 4-channel D1 channel HDMI output;
Provide SDK, support and software integration platform;
Rustproof aluminum chassis, wall mount. 

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