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Military Industry

1、System Overview
As an integral part of the Department of Homeland Security, the Armed Police Force demand video communication services including video conferencing, key areas of surveillance, access control, remote monitoring and so on. Concrete realization of these businesses are different, but its foundation is based on video transmission and related auxiliary software with, you can use the integrated network construction mode in a system while meeting the needs of these functions。

2、System Architecture


3、Design ideas
(1)Armed information technology solutions in the form of three two-stage storage platform to achieve three things, runs through all levels of interoperability, comprehensive linkage;
(2)Armed Police Corps Command and Control platform focus, focus on supervision and management of the armed police detachment platform and data analysis summary, squadrons platform focusing on key areas of prevention, real-time monitoring and treatment Chujing;
(3)Armed police deployed in the application management software platform level, two armed police detachment deployed software application management platform, three squadrons deploy software application management platform. Press the lower levels between platforms cascaded manner, in order to achieve control of the image browsing, playback, control and monitoring system for the integrated management of the whole. Efforts to achieve real-time command and control, service management visualization, education and training network, office automation, to enhance the ability to carry out the armed forces under the level of information technology and modern conditions tasks;

4、System functions
(1)Real-time video surveillance
(2)Video Conferencing
(3)Video dispatching
(4)Multiple permissions to control the level of management
(5)Playback video storage
(6)TV wall display
(7)System Management
(8)Multiple extensions

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