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National Grid State Grid ICT headquarters power FTTH pilot project Applications


Project Background
To ensure the sustainable development of China’s energy strategy, to meet the electricity needs of rapid economic development, promote energy conservation, development of low-carbon economy, improve service levels, the State Grid Corporation of grid development mode transformation, establishing strong and smart grid development and construction strategy, and actively carry out research and construction of smart grid 。
Smart electricity power FTTH community as an important part of the smart grid electricity sectors, is to achieve real-time interaction between the grid and the user response, enhanced grid integrated service capabilities to meet the needs of interactive marketing, an important means to enhance the level of service. Smart power cell will epitomizes smart power technology advanced, cost-effective, service diversity, flexible interaction, friendly and open characteristics. FTTH is carrying electricity smart power cell-related business networking platform。
Pilot mainly based OPLC (optical fiber composite low-voltage cables) EPON passive optical network technology and communication technology to achieve power FTTH (PFTTH), the use of broadband power line communications technology information collection, with user-intelligent interactive terminals or set-top box technology to build real-time connection between the user and the grid, interactive and open network to meet the needs of two-way interactive smart grid。
Shenzhen City, south Tianwei Technology Co., Ltd., as the country’s commitment to the intelligent electricity network ICT pilot area of work, the use of EPON passive optical network equipment technology enables advanced smart power cell concentrate smart power technology, cost-effective service diverse, flexible and interactive, friendly and open feature 。

Needs analysis
Intelligent Community of electricity mainly related to the acquisition and transfer of user information to the central office of electricity, and electricity collect user information will be in three main forms of transport users to realize the power of information: one is FE Ethernet port transmission, an species is in the form of RS232 serial transmission, the third for transmission via RS485 serial port. This requires the use of the ONU user side interface (UNI) for data acquisition and client access, electricity ONU used in this program, Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd., as the South Tianwei provide FE, GE, RS232 / 485 interface, flexible access concentrator (RTU), TTU, network monitoring terminal and PC. Where the RS232 / 485 interface can be software or hardware DIP flexible settings for remote management and field personnel to operate。


The overall design
Corresponding network topology is as follows

As shown above, this time using two core total of Shenzhen City, south Tianwei Technology Co., Ltd., as the NTW-E3016 OLT products, each configured 76 PON port configuration 8 GE Ethernet ports connected via level splitting of terminal information form and residential electricity connected, this time a total of 3319 units with a commercial-grade NTW-E178043 ONU, 181 sets of industrial grade IEP NTW-E17400D ONU. With the management of the whole network equipment using a network management software system for managing the entire network of EPON equipment。

Program Features
1、Perfect end stability, reliability
Business as usual centralized network devices to maintain stable operation of the network is the key, the program undergo a rigorous selection of equipment, enabling the formation of stable, reliable network。

2、Business efficiency visits
As usual support key business platforms, networks can be applied to improve the efficient transmission of information collection efficiency of the premise, to achieve a strict selection of equipment to improve efficiency of intelligent information collection requirements。

3、Maintenance is simple, efficient
Network set up after the completion of the network equipment maintenance, management is a prerequisite for security work can efficiently conduct business, to achieve efficient maintenance management, simple, work will bring convenience for network administrators, reduce workload and improve work efficiency。

4、Economics of networking
Meet user demand for the entire network has a wealth of business carrying capacity, but also consider using the extended ability of devices to the user for future expansion needs to lay good foundation to achieve for users to set up a network of information technology investment costs while saving users attentive service。

Use effect
National Grid State Grid ICT FTTH pilot project is completed the entire network has been formed, including device configuration and track laying and other equipment running since users can not only meet the national grid smart power pilot district’s needs, but also for providing a pilot smart grid good foundation, making this become a national power grid network construction milestone in the construction of smart power pilot。

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