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Warranty Policy

Dear customer:

Thanks for buying our products. To ensure your largest benefits, please read the following terms carefully.

Warranty terms:



Service method

GEPON OLT/ONU,Fiber switch,

POE switch,Midea Converter.

  1 year

Customer send the products to our factory for maintenance


Products replacement, products maintenance terms:

Only the main engine can be replaced and maintained, Other attached products like the package, connection products, software products, technical data can not be replaced or maintained. 
Within 15 days since the day you purchase the product, if there is no scratch on the surface, then the one with bad performance can be replaced by a new good one. During the free replacement and maintenance period, after our engineers check the bad products, and confirm the fault, we will replace you with repaired good ones in same modernity similar function. The spare parts with bad function will be owned by us, and the ones without any faults will be returned to you. 
The replacement period for the external power supply is 3 months. If the external power supply you send back for repair is with obvious hard damage, crack, broken leg, severe deformation, power line damage, broken line and bare core, then the product can not be replaced or maintained, and you can buy another new one. 
Please bring relative invoice and warranty card if you need out after sale service. If you can not show the above invoice and warranty card, then the free maintenance period of validity will be counted from the day you buy the product. If your products are charged for repair, then it can enjoy 3 months’ free maintenance if same performance problem occurs. Please ask for and keep your maintenance card for future use. 
If the product is replaced or repaired in our company, then except for the surplus warranty time, it can enjoy another 3 months’ quality warranty. 
In the following cases, the products can not be replaced or repaired for free.You do not install, use, maintain the product according to our instruction, which results in the damage of the product. 
The free replacement and maintenance period is expired. 
The bar code is obliterated or scratched. 
The product is not compatible with the model or bar code in the warranty card. 
You change the set up file by yourself or open the product to repair it without SmartFiber permission. 
The product is damaged by accident or by human behavior, such as inappropriate voltage input, high temperature, water penetrate, mechanical disruption, be dropped and break, severe rust and so on. 
The product is damaged during the shipping period when you send it back to our factory for repair. 
Damage by earth, Fire hazard, flood, lightning stroke and so on. 
Other damage not caused by the product’s own design, technique, quality. 

Maintenance manner:

If the product break down, you can apply for replacement and maintenance service in the shop where you buy it. Since SmartFiber’s product is nationwide quality assurance available, you can just contact the after sale customer service in our headquarters if you can not get in touch with the distributor. 
Distributor can apply for replacement and repair service on half of their customer. In cases where customers can have a new good product in replacement, distributors can just give them new one. In other cases, distributors should replace products to their customers after the products are repaired in SmartFiber headquarter. 
Distributors or customers should be in charge of the delivery fee to send the bad products to SmartFiber factory, while SmartFiber should be in charge of the delivery fee to send the repaired one to customers or distributors. 

Special announcement:

The above service commitment is only available for SmartFiber products. For products with detailed contract terms when customer order them, the contract shall prevail. 
For extra promises not made by SmartFiber, but only by distributor, SmartFiber company will not be responsible for it. 
Customer should ask distributors for written documents, so that distributors will keep their promises.

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